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Take advantage of our large discounts and FREE set-up customisation service on initial purchase of your Gripper Diff and a FREE one-off reset of the diff specification (within 30 days of purchase) should you want to change the characteristics of your Gripper Differential.

We also supply the full range of discounted spare parts and plate service kits for those customers wishing to maintain their own Gripper Differential. We also offer a differential rebuilding service and can also build your Gripper Differential into your gearbox should you need.


You will be purchasing from a reputable Gripper Dealer with full Factory Support including the Gripper no-quibble LIFE-TIME WARRANTY.

Our Driveline Services

FREE CUSTOMISATION of your Griper Differential

All Gripper differentials we supply are set-up for our customers exact requirements depending upon the use and specification of the car the diff is being fitted to. Preload is adjusted and ramp angles correct to the application are fitted. All Gripper diffs are supplied with two ramp angles (a small adjustment locks in the chosen ramp angle) giving our customers the choice of a more progressive action (ideal for tarmac racing) or a faster acting diff (ideal for loose surfaces such as rallying). We do not charge for this set-up service as we believe our customers should have the perfect Gripper diff for their needs.

In ‘Road’ Specification, using the latest ‘Quite Plate’ design and with a lower preload, the “differential action” is hardly noticeable with just dramatically improved handling being all that is felt.

‘Race’ Specification set ups can vary depending upon the discipline and formula the car is used in but of interest is with rally settings, the Gripper Differential will give continuous drive even when a wheel is lifted or indeed a broken drive shaft is experienced, instilling complete confidence in whichever type of vehicle you are driving.


Gripper is a UK based company with over 16 years experience is designing and manufacturing limited slip differentials using state of the art Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacture and the latest CNC machines. A large range of limited slip differentials is offered and all Gripper Differentials are made using Aero Quality Steel and low tolerance construction and design techniques to ensure that these differentials are the best in the market place. Gripper are confident in their product range, so much so that all Gripper Limited Slip Diffs are covered by the companies LIFETIME WARRANTY.

With the latest developments using the Quiet Plates the Gripper Differentials can be set up with varying amounts of “Preload” and Ramp angles to suit individual needs giving Quiet, Smooth, Progressive control.

With certain settings the “differential action” is hardly noticeable, the improved handling being all that is felt. Alternative settings, say for “Rallying”, will give continuous drive even when a wheel is lifted or indeed a broken drive shaft, instilling complete confidence in whichever type of vehicle you are driving.

For more details about Gripper Differential settings or any of our other services please do contact us.

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