Gripper RACE Spec Differentials

Gripper Limited Slip Differentials – Race Specification

By altering ramp angles, active plates and plate thicknesses we can change the operational characteristics of any Gripper diff to suit your exact needs. In this way, you get the specification that will work best for you meaning more grip and traction where and when you need it.

Gripper race specification differentials can be built up for tarmac motorsport, drift, drag and loose surface such as gravel or forest rallying and ice racing. We can set the diffs up to be smooth and progressive for tarmac race formulas and faster acting for loose surfaces. We can even set a diff up that operate differently on left and right hands bends for short oval race cars.

Ramp angles are set to give full locking under acceleration for maximum traction with reduced locking action on the over run or when the car is under braking so the diff stabilises the car but does not itself induce unwanted understeer.

Call or email our team today to discuss the specification of your Gripper Differential – the best increase in grip and traction money can buy.

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