Race Diffs

A race diff (or race limited slip diff) is designed to replace your original open or viscous differential and is the best way to increase traction – if your formula allows a race diff or your budget allows for a race diff upgrade for your track day car they are an absolute must. You wont be able to go as quick in a comparable car using if race diff if you have the original open diff.

Race Diff - What does it do?

Your original open diff will always choose the path of least resistance when it is sending power from the engine, through the transmission and final drive to the wheels and tyres. When you accelerate out of a corner at the limit of tyre grip, as the power overcomes the grip on the inside tyre it will start to spin. An open diff will then send most of the available engine power to that tyre making it spin even more. In this scenario, much of your cars forward motion is lost in wheel spin and you will need to back off to control front wheel drive understeer or rear wheel drive oversteer.

With a Race Diff, once wheel spin is detected the diff locks the driveshafts together with the plates inside the diff and the tyres will then rotate together, engine power is feed to both driven wheels and the result is that you can now accelerate the car around the corner. Front wheel drive understeer and rear wheel drive oversteer is minimised and the car is much quicker down the straight as you have been able to exit the bend still accelerating hard.

Customisable Race Diffs

The Gripper Race Diffs we supply can be customised for ramp angle, preload and the number of plates active depending upon what you use your car for. These settings change the characteristics of how the race diff operates to make these diffs suitable for road, tarmac race, tarmac ad loose surface rallying, drift, drag, hillclimbs, sprints and ice racing. Please click the link below to view our race diff range.

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