The Gripper LSD unit is extremely oil tolerant.

The same internal clutch plate and gear system is used in our Classic Mini model where it must run in engine oil, and also motorcycle engined kit cars, chain driven units where the LSD is sealed and filled with CV grease.

The above two extremes of lubrication demonstrate the strength and durability of the Gripper LSD system.

In deciding on a choice of oil there are 2 basic divisions.

1:- Trans-axle units, where the LSD shares the oil with the gear train.

1.A Synchromesh gearkits require particular oils suited to their applications. We would always recommend initially following the gearkit recommended oil and the Gripper LSD will cope fine. Normally a 75/90 spec GL4 etc.

1.B Dog Gear kits (non-synchromesh) Initially follow the gearkit manufactures recommendations or if none, it allows the use of specific LSD oils as there are no syncro-rings.

2. Separate Diff units, usually Hypoid geared Crownwheel and Pinion. The use of oils specifically developed for the CW&P Hypoid gears kit is recommended There are high loads and sliding contact surfaces in a hypoid gear pair, so following the gear manufacturers recommended oil is preferred.

The following list is not exhaustive or exclusive.

Many of our racing customers use :-
  • Castrol B373
  • Castrol Syntrax
  • Morris Oils Lodexol XFS 80/140
  • Redline Friction Modifier
Updated August 2017

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